EIB 5000 series

Signal converters for temperature measurement in direct drive motors

  • Reduced cabling
  • Overload protection for direct drive motors
  • Faster response behavior for excessive temperatures
  • Greater cost-effectiveness

Smart damage prevention

Compensating for the transmission timing behavior of the tempreature measurement can prevent significant damage caused by a sudden temperature spike in the windings, especially for direct drive motors from ETEL. Compared with switching element solutions, the sensors enable much earlier switch-off.

Safe and reliable operation

The temperature sensor inputs of the EIB 5000 are electrically safe and separted from dangerous electrical circuits in accordance with DIN EN 61010-1 and DIN EN 61800-5-1, thus providing effective protection for the subsequent electronics and control.

Multiple operation through cascading

On a gantry system, for example, two cascaded EIB 5000 signal converters make it possible to monitor the temperature of both direct drive motors.


Flexible sensor evaluation

The EIB 5000 lets you evaluate up to three temperature sensors of the following types at the same time:

  • KTY 84-130
  • PT1000
  • PTC
  • PTC triplet

EIB 5200 Sensor Box: Intelligent protection of motors for reliable machining situations

Product variants

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