HEIDENHAIN TS 642: Universal replacement for touch probes of the TS 6xx series

Just one wrong swivel and it's done: the touch probe collides badly with the workpiece or the chuck. To ensure that such a collision no longer leads to a prolonged machine standstill, HEIDENHAIN now offers a universal replacement for the touch probes of the TS 6xx series. If the collision happens with one of the known touch probes TS 640, TS 641, TS 649 or TS 632, the TS 642 is available as a universal replacement. The universal touch probe TS 642 reduces the customers' stocking of spare parts because it can replace all the touch probes of the TS 6xx series. So only one model has to be in stock. Furthermore, the original transceiver can remain in the machine and all the original cables can also be used. Even the styluses are compatible. Replacement is therefore fast and uncomplicated. The properties of the TS 642 correspond essentially to those of the known touch probes but with added extras:

  • The latest sensor technology with a service life of at least 5 million probes.
  • Integrated workpiece cleaning jets functioning with air or coolant.
  • Longer battery life and flexible usage of various batteries
  • Large infrared range up to 7 m with wide transmission angle

Contact HEIDENHAIN Service and HEIDENHAIN agencies for information about repair and replacement options for defective or old touch probes. The HEIDENHAIN agencies in the immediate vicinity of customers in Germany and Austria can do repairs or make replacements in just a few hours. After an exchange, the existing taper shank can continue to be used.